Why Japan?

I (Brad) was sceptical at first so really Heidi’s vision…after 10years of marriage I’ve learnt to trust wife…she is usually (ish) right (ish). 🙂

An amazing tour to Iceland a couple of years back was main inspiration.

So after one evening of Heidi wandering the web a shortlist was compiled. Heidi wanted Japan with its low number of English speakers and  impenetrable language. I wanted to cycle across any English speaking 1st world country.

Japan won.

So reasons…

1 – Wild Camping…allows for freedom to explore a place. Been key feature of previous family adventures (Scotland mainland and especially its islands, Iceland and Normandy)

2 – Hot Springs…oh yes. HOT springs.

3 – Safe…Rule (and respect for ) Of Law…Not exciting but important when cycling with a 7 & 9 year old.

4 – WWOOF…Willing Workers On Organic Farms popular (ish) so gives nice skeleton to the trip. Great way of experiencing a country and some of its people.

5 – Culture…more culturally rich than my suggestions to Heidi (aus, New Zealand, South Africa, Canada, etc…)

6 – Language…Heidi and the boys  (not brad – who will rely on facial expression) have enjoyed getting their heads around Japanese, courtesy of japanesepodcast101.

7 – Natural Beauty…loads of mountains, forests and, of course, Hokkaido (same size and population as Scotland).

8 – Food…fresh and healthy (Brad particularly excited about the food)

9 – cities…something we will actively avoid!

On reflection, Japan is a great choice!

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