Day 2 of 182

Today we left a safe place (the guest house) on 4 fully laden bicycles in torrential subtropical rain to try find a place to sleep for the night. Despite the rain (Warm) hopes were high for something special and memorable – our first night proper adventure in foreign land. The freedom of a tent meant we could find that site of our dreams.

Everything over the past 12 months for this moment.


JOE DIARY ENTRY- today we went away from the guest house…On a storm! Although it was wet we still got to have a “Tour de Badly Raining Jungle” 😀 At lunchtime we were a sore sight! At the rice field we did see some interesting Birds (Turtle doves, emerald doves, white herons). The sea! Still no monkeys. Today we had supper in a toilet block.

SAM DIARY ENTRY – Ame, Ame, Ame (rain, rain, rain). First night in a tent. Got up at 11.30am and cycled 12km to beach where we put up the tent next to a public loo. For Supper (ed. Cold sushi) in the public toilet (ed. Raining outside)Daddy and Mommy took turns to jump up and activate the lights.

HEIDI DIARY ENTRY-…found perfect camp spot by pristine loo/shower with vending machines.


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