Day 8 of 182

Our first WWOOF placement. Today we were set a Herculean task (Rake all ground flat) and we passed😅

BRAD DIARY ENTRY: How will I cope with chopsticks and cross legged meal times? How will I cope with lack of spoken Japanese? What sort of routines will we find? How will we get along working alongside each other and native farm workers?

HEIDI DIARY ENTRY: Raking practice- not quite zen but nearly! A room (ed. At 2m by 6m bigger than tent and smaller than Morven, Beltie Rd…but dry and ours!) an electric light,  Fresh food, a Beer!

SAM DIARY ENTRY: First WWOOF host met and little bit of work. At lunch Daddy put his soup bowl on his side plate which the Japanese found new and interesting and hilarious. (Ed. ?!?!)

JOE DIARY ENTRY: Today we arrived at…OUR FIRST WWOOF farm.well our first task was…raking yep raking. We were told to rake the earth inside the greenhouse for the rice seedlings. It all went pretty well me and Sam raking all the lumps and mummy and daddy nearby. The greenhouse it was full of butterflies and grass hoppers and it’s amazing.

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