Day 16 of 182

FRIDAY – We survived one full week working and living on a Japanese rice farm. 

JOE- Scotland feels more like a foreign country. Today I saw an eagle feeding so walking behind the house I saw a KAMBORIWASHI bending down then I noticed something in his beak! Later in the afternoon we went to Shirahama port and there was Angel Fish, Parrot Fish, Yellow Zebra Fish, Black Fish, Gold Fish and a Puffer Fish!!!

SAM- Today was one of my favourite work days. 2 reasons – FRIDAY and BEST JOBS – stamping and price gunning. We worked roughly 26 hours this week. Yesterday I did’nt write anything because the jobs I personally disliked (Weeding hurt knees completely and itchy swam Potatoe cleaning)?

HEIDI-the week had a good variety of jobs. Each of us finding our own rhythm for certain jobs some easier than others. I was impressed by the boys stamina.

BRAD- the jobs were carefully considered for us and loads of variety. Boys did well to cope with new situation where Mom and Dad were’nt in charge. We were all equal as Workers. The environment constantly left me gobsmacked. My favourite parts of the week were getting up early to witness the day come in watching feeding Egrets. After work I managed to cross the road and snorkel the coral…imagine THAT! Great water visibility meant I  could take evasive action before swimming directly into Incredibly Poisonous sea Snake.



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