Day 17 of 182

The Cold Scottish North Wind found us today. 70km/hr winds and rain. Some days you fish, some days you mend nets. Today Brad did lots of Net – 16 days of blog entries uploaded. Planned trip to Lonely Planet HIGHLY recommended best beach in whole of Japan, possibly world, aborted Big seas.


COLD NORTH WIND DIARY ENTRY- Hah, got them! Hiding away in flimsy plywood farmhouse on tiny obscure island in East China Sea.

SAM DIARY ENTRYKKyou no tenki WA Warai desu you…did nothing at all.

JOE DIARY ENTRY- Today it rained AME AME AME. But I sat on a high tek toilet. You could heat the seat, play music and others. COOL!!! (Ed. if you find correct button it sprays your bottom with pleasing jet of warm water…the fright worth it).

HEIDI DIARY ENTRY- RAW and typhoon style winds-boats cancelled. Ida-no-Hama beach remains elusive! Discovered stunning old wooden house-visited just Joe and I. Blog-it’s on! Loving reading poems with boys today.

BRAD DIARY ENTRY-perfect day for sorting the blog. Had to brave weather few times cycle to find Internet in guest house in village. Heidi and boys reading ‘Poems With Two Voices’. Heidi has hurt her wrist raking slight concern as not having chance to heal. Cycling OK but many farm tasks needing wrist.


  1. Hope Heidi’s wrist gets a chance to heal. Sorry about the weather but it seems that you made good use of the time – can picture Heidi reading poems with the boys. What a wonderful educational experience you are all having.


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