Day 18 of 182

 Northerly wind continues to hammer the Sub-tropical paradise making the 4 Scottish travelers feel right at home. Beach clean cancelled. Their 5inch thick Icelandic jumpers put to good use. Heidi, Sam, Joe and みき(Miki) went on tour of Island (car) – Brad same but on bicycle. 

SAM DIARY ENTRY- today we went on an amazing trip! First we went to a weaving factory and saw how weaving is done in Japan. Then we went to a やまねこ Wildlife information centre. Today was amazing.

JOE DIARY ENTRY – Today the beach clean was cancelled but then みき turned up! Would you like to go to the やまねこcentre? Oh yes!!! It was pretty cool with Japanese birds and others but the Cicadas on the wall were HUGE (ed. drawing of crabs etc…in diary)

HEIDI DIARY ENTRY- みき rescued us from another cold, wet day. Weaving workshop Sushi, ‘stolen’ coffee at super posh hotel, and coffee and cake!

BRAD DIARY ENTRY – 3 hours cycling fighting massive headwind on return of out-And-back route. Shattered at end – sushi bento post-ride snack. Feet frozen. Satisfying ride.

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