Day 19 of 182

Weather improvement for final day of WWOOF at おはま Farm. Jobs for the day brought out smiles. Special send-off evening meal enjoyed by all. A lot has been learned in eleven days. New friends made. SUCCESSFULL WWOOF!

   BRAD DIARY ENTRY- Best job planting rice seeds knowing we helping to feed Japan. Then feeding hens before final job making FIRE -which Heidi particularly enjoyed. Afternoon beach walk (Just Joe and I) and then snorkel (Think hyperthermia)! AND THEN made to feel super special with send-Off meal. New phase begins tomorrow…

JOE DIARY ENTRY-Today walking by rice paddy a medium sized lean bodied bird whizzed along and there on a branch – PEREGRINE FALCOLN. Click! Later with my dad on a walk. We went snorkelling, well dad did but there was a lion fish! Sadly this is our last day but my the cake they made was incredible.COOL!! Paaaaa last Day waaaaaa (ed. drawing of sobbing)?

SAM DIARY ENTRY- Today was our last day at 小浜の縁 Farm. Tonight we had an amazing send-off party! We had delicious 他cおやきfollowed by incredible cake. I wish that we could leave every day.


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