Day 20 of 182

Mixed emotions this morning…kind polite WWOOF hosts showing uncharacteristic behaviour at departure of the Scottish volunteers…such was the relief that tears fell….the family smiled as their journey continues to inflict much confusion and head scratching on others in this beautiful and tolerant land…

HEIDI DIARY ENTRY-Sunny start after last nights special meal – すしやき , たこやぃい and microwaved cake, with love and care from みき and ゆぃ. Good to be rolling again. Last minute decision to go to beach rewarded with perfect campsite- Japanese fire pit and traditional bathroom, along side beach…perfect. Smokey but clean, warm,and happy. Magical break before another likely stressful transition.

JOE DIARY ENTRY-…saw OSPREY FISHING. Yes, fishing WOW. Now at this cool campsite there’s loads of C02 (ed. drawings of what appear clouds and coughing)

SAM DIARY ENTRY- きょうのてんきわいいです. Today we left おはら where we found incredible campsite where there’s an oil drum filled with water and a fire beneath it. Then you splash water over yourself. None of us wanted to stop.

BRAD DIARY ENTRY- WOOHOO…the prunes worked…also back on the bikes…perfect sunny weather…making those last minute changes of plan (are’nt they always the best?)…to find an OPEN campsite to make up for all the closed ones. Just us again 😀😀😀😀

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