Day 21 of 182

The day when we almost went bankrupt…(JOE).

Phase 1 of Japanese adventure completed…acclimatise and build confidence on Southern sub-tropical islands. Ferry back to 石垣 , cycle back first nights guest house to pack bikes in boxes ready for tomorrow’s flight to Okinawa.

JOE DIARY ENTRY: today we almost went poor😊!!…because we left Iriomote 😪 now, when we got to 石垣 (Ishigaki) at a pottery place the main artist gave us LOADS presents and for a photo gave Sam an 8, 000 pound art and me a 1000 pound thing HELP!…Phew (ed. both parents fainted at this moment)

BRAD DIARY ENTRY: Slick teamwork got us back to guesthouse in good time to pack bikes ready for tomorrow flight. First proper edginess experienced in 3 weeks of being in Japan with KANEKOSAN haruhiko Ishigaki-yaki Pottery Studio inviting us into his mind-blowing display room of ceramic arts. We sat in our fluorescent cycling gear and gloves drinking Japanese Tea and talking about Scottish whisky. Next thing KANEKOSAN haruhiko invited us for a group picture. Normal this…until he began placing his top pieces in the boys hands…casually announcing that’s 8000 pounds there…KANEKOSAN if you are reading this…THAT was so very COOL. Thank you.

 When in Rome…(We do rather enjoy Japanese television -Endlessly entertaining…for breakfast lunch and dinner)

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