Day 22 of 182

Transition today fly an hour North to 那覇Naha, Okinawa. The family and their the bikes survived the flight unscathed. Passing time in airport, Heidi and Sam admired the elegant yet simple styles on display in shops, Joe stood transfixed huge aquarium tanks and Bored Brad tried out the various hi tech loos. 4 Bikes re-assembled on airport pavement watched by throngs bemused Japanese holiday makers. Next, to find city hotel using tourist maps which don’t bother with EVERY-single-road. Then, in full cycling gear to carry 102 pieces of muddy camping gear through Japanese cleaned hotel. Recover and swim in bath (Admire own high tech loo) before quick 那覇 street exploration and then back to hotel for Free Pizza Night (the one slice was really delicious). Order supper because hungry and watch E.T. in Japanese. Plan for tomorrow get up 5.30 to find port in strange foreign city in dark on fully laden bicycles to catch ferry North to visit Worlds Largest Aquariam. Sam feeling under the weather…☹️

SAM DIARY ENTRY- Today we left 石垣 on an airplane 😭. Once the bikes were put together we cycled to a hotel. (Afterwards we were very glad we booked it). Once inside we had a deep-soak bath each. The point of one is that you soak up to your neck in hot water.

JOE DIARY ENTRY- …with a sick brother and mother needing laxatives it is hard TO BE FREE!! (Ed. draws something I can’t make out, suspect rude…Japanese food although delicious sadly lacking in dietary fibre).

BRAD DIARY ENTRIES- Japanese loos are the business! Warm seats and variety of buttons to choose from. Each one a new surprise. Be careful with the upward spray symbol on max because on some models not obvious where the Stop button is. Be especially careful when no English writing.

 This model OK.

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