Day 23 of 182

Sam running a fever. Not eating. Parents poor sleep last night with worry. 2am make decision cancel 5.30 ferry idea. 2.30am search Internet for affordable accommodation…morning Sam doing better. Heidi cracks on with arranging things. Brad stressed so spends time on high tech toilet (warm seat button). Heidi forced to prove her identity for accommodation bureaucracy by using Baba’s mobile phone in UK and Brads email account?! Take down 102 bags to bicycles and try find new accommodation. Google Maps unreliable and asking local kind people for help causes more confusion. Overall stress levels high. Brad wanting time-out on high tech toilet (apparently unreasonable request). Find man patiently waiting to give us keys to his flat for 2 nights…then have a cracking cultural city day! Weather warm and Naha exotic and different…wait to see how Sam fares tonight. Another city day tomorrow before making further decisions re: worlds largest aquarium.


One comment

  1. I felt stressed just reading about it! I do hope that Sam is better tomorrow and that you are all fit and have a day when everything goes well!


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