Day 24 of 182

The unplanned 2 day city break continues…Everybody healthy again and off on foot to visit Lonely Planet Highly Reccomended Okinawa Cultural Museum. Great building, fascinating history past and present and the graduates art show quite the show stopper. Stumbled upon an art workshop which all enjoyed. This high level cultural experience balanced by visit to local shopping mall to buy a shirt. Electronics department was a sight to behold. They even have hi-tech toilets with GPP (Genuine Person Personalities). Amazing stuff. Brad making enquirys to ship ‘calm, reassuring’ personality type back Torphins. Tomorrow up at 5 to catch ferry Northwards to visit Worlds Largest Aquarium…



SAM DIARY ENTRY: Today we went to a super museum where I painted a Haggis with makeup, and, of course, we looked around.

JOE DIARY ENTRY: Today we went to th museum “Cool!” My favourite part was the art exhibition first we used lipstick and nail varnish to make art…then (ed. draws picture)

BRAD DIARY ENTRY: Today we saw the art degree show of Okinawin art students and we were inspired. Ryukin Island history fascinating. We explored 那覇. Iriomote jungles feeling far far away. Tomorrow we share viewing of Worlds Largest Aquarium with expected half Japanese population. Can’t wait…




  1. Beautiful pictures – been catching up with the Carroll adventures and feeling vaguely culturally devoid at all you have achieved so far! Love to the boys from D too – stay safexx

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