Day 25 of 182

This morning our 4 explorers witnessed The Rising Sun in the Land Of The Rising Sun…to do this they found a ferry port (3 to Cooke from – only 1 correct) in the dark, by bike, in foreign city. Heidi fighting sea sickness on giant steady ship on bath water flat seas…they disembarked (Heidi kissing land Pope Style in gratitude) to then easily find way to World Largest Aquarium simply following queues cars. Find dedicated bike park (Worlds Smallest Dedicated (compulsory) Bike Parking). Finally, ready to deliver a special treat to our patient boys, Sam and Joe, who put up with a lot of discomfort due to Parental choice in holidays. If any child is reading this blog…one sure fire way to REALLY REALLY annoy your parents is to, just before going into Worlds Largest Aquarium, whine that you want to go to the beach.

Post-Worlds Largest Aquarium (Heidi noting poisonous beach dwelling species, Brad fighting kids for best viewing spots) walking outside in free section, spot Osprey sitting on fence 50 m away surveying vast open ocean. Possibly Joe highlight of the day. The free bit. 

Then to cycle in glorious sunshine find top notch wild camp spot…excitement finding first sakkura (cherry blossom)…beer enjoyed watching boys exploring rock pools, Heidi doing textiles…rain forecast tomorrow…need to fill a day before catching next ferry to WWOOF placement 2…

SAM DIARY ENTRY-Today we got on a boat and it took us to the BIGGEST aquarium in the world! Once inside there was everything, from whale sharks to miniature crabs, which are poisonous. We loved it! Afterwards we went cycling and saw our first 桜 !(kanji  for cherry blossom).

JOE DIARY ENTRY-…aquarium…inside there was some whale sharks (3) (ed. draws remarkably good whale shark). Yep, and Ray’s and Sharks (reef fish) and even Turtles!!! COOL! Later we saw our first 桜 ! AAAnd we went on a 2km bridge to an island.

BRAD DIARY ENTRY- I don’t know much about manta rays but, to me, the one in the shark tank was clearly panicking. Deep water crab like creatures pure stuff of nightmares. Despite my best efforts I REALLY enjoyed the aquarium.


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