Separated in Okinawa.

Our quartet woke to ANOTHER day of pitter patter on tent…break up camp and head off into grey dreich horizon with no real agenda. Choose arbitrary destination for something to cycle to (rain only drizzle now). Find remote road up hill middle of no-where. Heidi leading wandering why she allowed brad to select adventurous route. Joe lagging behind wanting to stop photo newt seen in roadside gutter. Sam quietly getting on with peddling uphill.

Brad takes picture of remote vending machine for ‘that damn blog'(reader, please enjoy attached photo and marvel at location and randomness of vending machine with sinister GPP (genuine people personality). Gets mechanical issue. Dismounts to fix, does’nt shout ahead to stop.

Heidi obviously didn’t realise a gap has opened, she must have turned right at T-junction. Or was left? Nowhere to be seen.

And that’s all it takes to become separated…

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