Day 26 of 182

The See previous blog entry ‘Separated in Okinawa’ for start to day – rain, choose random cafe as target, choose random route down hill, get separated in maze…one long hour of being separated. Lots of tears and reassurance needed. Boys crying too. Eventually Heidi thinks what is the one place to go where Brad would, in such a situation? HI-TECH LOO (warm seat max). Reunite at 桜 festival (thankfully both had plans to meet at ferry terminal so would have been OK). Lost appetite for random cycling routes so return to ferry and find wild camp spot next to beach, ferry port…and much needed (sausage fingers because rain). Enjoy hot meal before returning to comfort of familiar tent and sleeping bags. Tomorrow the Tropic Of Cancer moves further away from us…7 hour ferry north to TOKUNOSHIMA (とくのしま) and second WWOOF Farm

JOE DIARY ENTRY- Today we had the time of our life, literally. Especially Mummy! So while cycling up a VERY steep hill. News kept apearing (we were going to a cafe) the climb ent on for ages. Sadly it was disappointing on the way down  we took a different route. Me: whine Newts then daddy dropped behind we didn’t see him again.

SAM DIARY ENTRY- Today it was rainy. We cycled up, up, up and on the way to the top we saw lots of Sakura. At the top when looking forward to a “lovely” cafe we got to the real cafe, which scored 0/10 atmosphere, 6/10 overall.

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