Day 27 of 182

7 hour ferry further North, further away from Tropic of Cancer. Arrive on island of ‘Tokunoshima’ place of second WWOOF host. In the house we get the entire top floor – For first time in their lives Sam & Joe get their own room! After nearly a week of being on the bikes nice to ‘stop & drop’. WWOOF host incredibly welcoming and house exactly like staying with your elderly aunt. If tonight’s meal anything to go by…we will be eating like kings. I did try crunching and swallowing the pork bones but found difficult. Loads of tiny fish (whole, remember) floating in the soup. Some of these exotic delights may take a while to fully savour. Very, very healthy eating. We look forward to tomorrow to see what sort of food shops we can find in case of emergency situations. Tomorrow we also find out what exciting work we will doing…also, we have been told of super special meal tomorrow night, and get to meet local English teachers…I predict a culturally rich and attentive week. 

SAM DIARY ENTRY- today we went on a 7 hour ferry, which I wasn’t sick on because of sea sick tablets 😀. Afterwards we met WWOOF no.2 and within 5 hours of being on the island joe came back with a zoomed-in photo focused on a deadly poisonous snake.

JOE DIARY ENTRY-Today I saw a HABU!! Well first we arrived in tokunoshima…to walk along the Sugar Canes to…when (10m away) a green snake came into view! A HABU (ed. Islands only deadly species of snake, rarely seen)? The thought rushed in. NEED PHOTO. Click.


  1. Gosh it sounds luxurious and what a lovely welcome you received. Watch out for those deadly snakes but well spotted! Look forward to hearing about your jobs.


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