Day 28 of 182

Today we weeded our lovely WWOOFERS hosts allotment. All day we enjoyed the private space up a hill surrounded by sugar cane fields, and sea in distance. Afterwards our wonderful host, のりこさん(Norika San) treated us to authentic Japanese meal. Part of the company were the 4 other Gaijin (foreign) English teachers….first time since our arrival to have so many English speakers. During the meal Heidi and I laughed till the tears flowed (second time in 7 days).

JOE DIARY ENTRY- Today when at break time some churrups and a rrsh. Then a flock of white-eyes came into view and a shrike. Click, later white-eyes but different species, click. Later at “rest time” we cycled to the “river by the city”we didn’t stop long but we saw Black Winged Stilts! Later, after work me and dad went to the river. The Stilts were still there so click and other birds including a Kingfisher ( common). The Kingfisher would dive in, fly and climb the wall! Once it went on a taxi! Then it flew to a stone and waited.

SAM DIARY ENTRIES-Today we did our first bit of work at our new WWOOF host. Her plot is 12x36m and we are to weed, turn over the compost every other day, plant some dead bulbs (ed. it is the truth) spray the plants 2 x week. Today we started.

Typical front of houses Okinawa

Lunch break – rest from the weeding

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