Day 29 of 182


Yesterday arrived WWOOF host 2. Today a warm day under blue skies working on のりこさn allotment. Established a routine of shifts to break monotony of weeding. At 4pm knock-off のりこさん drove her car to super beach, with the 4 of us peddling like crazy to keep up on hilly route. Palava changing into costumes…walk down to water edge…test water temp…oooo, cold…family consultation (brief)…walk up beach. Towels stay dry. Cycle back house, quickly swallow beautifully prepared meal, shower, lift to gymnasium make fools of ourselves attempting Japanese drumming…walk home and pass out because exhaustion. Rain forecast tomorrow. 

SAM DIARY ENTRY-Today we did more weeding😀. In the evening we danced with drums and more children. We were all tired and had fun.

JOE DIARY ENTRY-きょうのてんきわいいですわすごいです today during my break at work I noticed that 桜 had dots moving about closer. The dots were Japanese White-Eyes! (Draws picture). I stood gazing at for ages. Jumping, fluttering, churriping. Later we went to a beach and saw star-fish and birds of prey.

Check the origami out!

Joe captures Japanese White-eyes and 桜 

More urban this WWOOF – birds don’t seem to mind concreted river.

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