Day 30 of 182


Yesterday lovely sunshine day…today 20mm rain…very tough day today in constant rain. Couldn’t weed because mud, hung around allotment doing water colour painting…Eventually cold and wet too much, hop bikes head for dry somewhere…anywhere…find a cafe!!! Drink loads hot chocolates playing Yahtzee…then find LIBRARY (our new best friend…such a lovely, calm space). Children’s section fantastic. Heidi stuck in art, cooking ( looking for Japanese style) section. Back home to のりこさn, glorious hot shower and deep Japanese bath…ANOTHER fantastic (albeit some parts challenging) meal. And for desert the tastiest, most juicy oranges we have ever eaten. Boys off to bed, but first a few pages of ‘hitchhiker a guide to the galaxy’…day off tomorrow and hopefully less rain.

SAM DIARY ENTRY-Today it rained, rained, rained. Only work was planting pineapple tops. Daddy had to cycle up hill times in driving rain to collect rubbish bag and to learn to feed 5 chickens.

JOE DIARY ENTRY-Today it rained LOADS. So, if you have to go to a plot on a hill to plant 4 pineapples, it is, well, pesky. So, after that we went to the library, tried to understand ANYTHING, found a English section at the END. Tried to work out this (ed. Draws bizarre image…I imagine one of many signs we come across that feels important, but we can’t decipher), failed. Went to a cafe and bought over 2 cocoa’s each for price of 2…yeeeees…then dad had to leave to go to chickens and said swear words.

BRAD DIARY ENTRY-Funny looking back. Miscommunication of -we have hens at home becomes we want to see hens. So I had to leave comfort of cafe and all-you-can-drink hot chocolates to cycle in sodden clothes in heavy rain to meet man to follow car up more hills to see 5 hens.


Boys not so keen on fermented beans

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