Day 31 of 182

After the rain and cold northerly wind of yesterday the forecast slightly better today. Day off today! Pancakes for breakfast! Oil rusty chains and make mandatory stop at 100yen store (astounding selection items at 50p each! We have memorized phrase…”can you direct us to 100yen store). 

Feed 5 hens (see miscommunication from yesterday) curse the door lock won’t lock…realise wrong key…Head over to east side island…take wrong turn (definitely Heidi’s fault) curse damn tourist maps…more climbing because damn tourist maps…rain starts (Brad regrets choice of shorts and sandles) curse rain…try look forward to WWOOF hosts kindly packed picnic hamper of cold rice and cold fish…curse wind…Everybody beginning to boink now…look for shelter…Delerious…

AND straight from heaven we see it… 


SAM DIARY ENTRY-Today we got lost (again, see day 3). We also fed the chickens, tried to lock the door with the wrong keys, and came across a street vendor and discovered a new found taste for hot-sweet-potatoes.


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