Day 32 of 182

imageHalf day weeding (and now earned trust for other smaller jobs) in dry weather before family splitting forces…one cultural experience…other cycle up highest road on island. Tomorrow last day with this WWOOF host, then plan take advantage of settled weather forecast and circumnavigate island over 2 days before embarking final ferry up north, leaving sub-tropical island phase behind 😦

SAM DIARY ENTRY: Today we did work then went to a favourite puppet show where a boy was looking for a penguin who was wearing the wrong clothes. At the end we all agreed on loving it.

JOE DIARY ENTRY: Today I worked out you can get bored of birds of prey. We also went to a extreme puppet show…(i.e. High quality). Just the sheer work was COOOL literal! And emotional.

BRAD DIARY ENTRY: Heidi & boys went to puppet show with のりこさn leaving me with blissful afternoon alone…worked on blog (Shamelessly stealing from friends blog poppingthebubble)…then on bike just following my nose managed to find overgrown road going up high to TV masts opening views whole island, setting sun. 1hour up, 20min incredible descent with Mogwai (My Father My King) playing…I actually started laughing out loud with sheer enjoyment of descent and song.




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