Day 34 of 182

Day 35 -Pancake Tuesday & loading bikes…head north part of Tour De Tokunoshima (とくのしま) wearing shorts, sandles, vest (oh yes)…pass sugar cane harvesting…binge on tasty Tokunoshima oranges…joyful street reunion with Puppet Show Drama group (Brad reluctantly gifts tasty Tokunoshia Oranges, receive chocolate in return though)…hour lunch on superb beach (Sam & Heidi write letters, Joe looks for wildlife, Brad reads Dracula)…find magical maze tunnel of Cycads…continue bikes find glorious tailwind to destination town…discover speed wobbles begin at 45km/hr (Brad observes Joe bring wobble under control, is traumatized)…find perfect wild camp spot with zero fuss and full agreement between Heidi and Brad (yea, right)…eventually set up camp public park overlooking cement factory…walk harbour watch fisherman, setting sun ocean, eat crisps and drink beer celebrate being back on the bikes.
Finish Tour De Tokunoshima tomorrow, forecast good again

SAM DIARY ENTRY: Today we are on the move again and tonight we’ll sleep in a tent😀. I am looking forward to a change! Cycled 40km. Saw the sun go down as a red disk. We are all looking forward to a long time of (ed. draws a ‘no weeding’ sign). Until we get home, that is. (ed. unlikely no more weeding before the next 5 months are out).

JOE DIARY ENTRY: …3 Sparrow Hawks in 3 seconds! Also at our camp along the park tree was a cleaner wrasse, a tiny lion fish, also when walking along (ed. safely pier) a long creature came with a paddle like tail, it opened its jaws to reveal fangs…aaaargh.

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