Day 35 of 182

Finish the 90km loop of island, high pressure holding. Fantastic beach for an hours lunch, adzuki bean ice cream. Board ferry and watch departure top deck…tomorrow arrive かごしまKagoshima, city of 600 000, overlooked by recently (5days ago) erupted volcano, sakurajima 桜島.

SAM DIARY ENTRY: today we woke and took the tent down. Then a group of ~ 40 school children came up to us and started tapping Joe’s cheek and saying いい. We decided to check the map about getting out of there. Then we started cycling again. After we got on a 17 hour ferry where we will sleep tonight.

JOE DIARY ENTRY: Today we left sub-tropical and went North-East. And the city’s osprey said good-bye to us by swooping in by us and catching fish. Just now on the ferry it is night.


    • Brad doing his best to control blog update obsessions and experience things as they happen…thanks for comment Mandy….we are wet today…not snow though!


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