Day 36 of 182

Arrive Southern tip of ‘mainland’ Japan overlooked by impressive active volcano (exciting to catch glimpses of it peeking through alley ways). Nothing like an Active Volcano and Tsunami Evacuation Signs for keeping perspective. Brad now looks like Buddhist Monk after head shaved local barber and mis-communication. Attempt to say “I feel like a new man” comes out as “I feel like a new computer”. Barber looks confused, gives directions to computer shop. Oh dear…

Next, visit Onsen. Choose VERY LOCAL one by mistake and leave “relaxing” onsen not very relaxed (but very clean). More easy-osy city stuff and confusions under clear blue skies (let this high pressure hold). Heidi and Sam sewing craft workshop. All enjoy piping hot and outstanding Korean style meal. 
Finally, 8.30pm stand fully laden bikes in fluoro looking at map to find earlier spotted potential camp spot. Kind lady asks can she help. “We are looking for this (point at map) place by river.” Confusion. “You want to visit the river?” (Thinks odd time of night to be sightseeing random point of river?)”Yes, we want ‘tento’ (make tent sign with hands). “But it is winter, cold outside…” ” No no no…Scotolando”. “Aaaah, I understand (gives directions)”.
And, as usual, we find a wee spot to erect our home, and once inside tent, could be anywhere in the world. Every 12minutes and 43 (ish)seconds a tram crosses the bridge and we think 桜島 is erupting…
Tomorrow, head north to WWOOF 3…

JOE DIARY ENTRY: today was spent in a city…and again the city was the Wild. Little Grebes, Ospreys. A wild city. And with an active volcano! Into an “onsen” found it odd. Aso at a park there were 7 Black Kites…who knows what tomorrow holds?

SAM DIARY ENTRY: today we woke up on the ferry (no sea sickness tablets). Afterwards me, Joe, Daddy went into an onsen. Whilst Mummy went for a walk.


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