Day 37 of 182

High pressure broken woke to sound of morning joggers and pitter-patter rain on tent. Break up tent quick head into town look for 7-11 and park (with cover) for coffee and loos. Treat ourselves to bowl of muesli, milk, take-away coffee. Watch impressive aerobatic display of Kites battling crows.
Prepare head north out of city into hills to WWOOF host. Rain light. Pretty darn good navigation (even if we say so ourselves…combination of map sources…iPad handily updating location even though no wi-if). And start climbing hills out of town.
I have never cycled up such twisty roads lined all the way with houses/shops, etc….we all absolutely mesmerized with sheer DIFFERENCE. Men with light sabers direct traffic! Updownupdownupdown negotiate another town…rain harder…massive mechanical, 45 min side busy road fixing disk brake, only light rain (thank goodness). Main roads give way to smaller roads eventually arrive destination town surrounded by forest clad volcanic shaped hills shrouded in mist…beautiful and utterly exotic…
Find road that should lead to WWOOF host (literally an alternative forest mountain school)…road climbs up..40 minutes uphill in heavy rain .ARRIVE! Get own warm room!!!

SAM DIARY ENTRY: Today Joe learnt to swing VERY well, we saw 7 Red/Black kites. After we got on full laden bikes and cycled up up up. Then we met our new WWOOF host who is very kind.

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