Day 38 of 182 (1 of 14 Kusunoki WWOOF)

Change of pace as bags unpacked, clothes and bodies washed, and hung to dry. Learn new routines of WWOOF host. It’s quite remarkable how much you can understand when both parties are language limited. We are improving at getting to carefully prepared mealtimes at the right time. Brads attempt to appear friendly by eating an grapefruit as if it were an apple fell flat. Did evoke strong reaction from Heidi and boys though. Oops.

SAM DIARY ENTRY: today we went to our new WWOOF host’s school playground and had fun on the swings there, then we cycled 7 minutes downhill to a now favourite OUTSIDE onsen then cycled 40mins up the way we came.
JOE DIARY ENTRY: Today was our first full day WWOOF host and for once The Hills were wild…so, if you hear 10 different species of Brambling, Long Tailed Tit and Wild Boar then it is (ed. draws a star). Also a outside Onsen really makes you know why the monkeys love it! The swings here are dangerously fun!!

BRAD DIARY ENTRY: missing being on open road, cycling north to unknown sleeping spots, but we do need to stop. Winter in these hills not fun for Heidi and boys. WWOOFING gives unique insight into Japan. Took refuge in bed listening to ‘War On Drugs’ and reading Dracula while others went exploring our new home. Mouth tingling from eating grapefruit skin. Later convinced them it’s a good idea to cycle down THE BEAST (fancy wanting to hitch hike just because of heavy rain downpours, and about 14degrees Celsius? …I ask you) to explore town and perhaps find an Onsen…later I sit naked in rain downpour looking at  mist shrouded forested mountains…my skin is goose fleshed and tiny…before…submerging (slowlyyyyy) into……a…….steaming (yet Fair Trade Organic Carbon neutral😀)…rock pool…ooooooooo. aaaaaaahhhhh….mmmmmmmm…

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