Day 39 of 182 (2 of 14 Kusunoki WWOOF)

Second day in Dormitory, slow day settling in and trying to work things out. Small house, many people, cold outside. Price to pay for each Onsen visit is cycling up the 3km savage beast of a hill christened after much discussion…THE かも龍 (kamo dragon)

First day of school tomorrow…

JOE DIARY ENTRY: Today I saw a Hawfinch! It happened chasing Siskins, watching buntings. When a haw finch grabbed a nut and crushed it. Exerting 11lbs of force!! WOW!

SAM DIARY ENTRY-Valentines day! Today we did sewing for part of the morning and went to the onsen, also before lunch. Then, at supper we ate an うつかしい chocolate cake.

BRAD DIARY ENTRY: Living in cycling heaven! Volcanic action created decent hills everywhere, with roads crisscrossing. Afternoon headed off on my own compass, 2 maps, and phone-number of WWOOF host…so exciting descending and ascending completely unknown roads…no idea of characteristic of each climb…particularly eerie cycling up roads completely overgrown signifying rare use (What is it about this road that nobody uses it?). Up it continues to twist into into mossy unknown…then finding myself on the map again (always reassuring) and head back…Mogwai in my ears passing terraced rice paddies, forests of bamboo…so much difference yet comfort in the familiarity of uphill pedal grinding and downhill exhilaration. Tonight I sleep well.

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