Day 41 of 182 (4 of 14 Kusunoki WWOOF)

Snow. With kids. In a shared house of 13. House no insulation – no fire place. Drying area? See photo…that top bunk – Brads bed. Last time snowed here was 48 years ago. Why, oh why, did we ever leave the Tropic Of Cancer? Severe nostalgia for Iriomote and coral reef snorkeling.
The classroom? Cold, oh so very very cold. No shoes in a cold, oh so very cold classroom. Everyone alert, no falling asleep during the free play.
みおりさn’s food more than makes up for the cold though…Hot, comforting, and always plentiful. Onsen is going to be good…

One comment

  1. Hi all its been really good to read your blog, very interesting to see photos of where your staying & areas you’ve travelled hope you all continue to enjoy your trip good luck !!


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