Day 42 of 182 (5 of 14 Kusunoki WWOOF)

img_1065Yesterday’s snow merciful and short lived. Today another school day, plenty free-play and plenty self-directed WWOOFING and Learning. The school is literally a SCHOOL IN THE FOREST. Montessori principles can be applied in unique Japanese style.

SAM (exasperation in voice): Joe, there are only two rules here, keep off the road and stay off the grass…you have broken both of them!

Most interesting and fascinating, School and dormitory run in complete and utter absence of any ‘ELFnSafety’…whatsoever. Heidi managing her H&S instincts well. Even Brad!!! Trick is to take a deep breath of clean forest air, albeit flavoured with smoke from recycled timber and burning of all rubbish plastic (common sight). Today Brad, Sam and Joe given in-depth lesson all about CARCINOGENS and DIOXINS. 

The emergent theme for today’s self-directed WWOOFING has been Bamboo…truly amazing stuff.

SAM DIARY ENTRY-Today we, me and daddy made a bamboo i-pod speaker. We also learnt that some bamboo growing 4cm per hour, it has also got the same compression weight as wood or stone, and for its size has the same tensile strength as steel. It is also very みとざかsき (ed. he’s doing it to me again) to cut by hand saw.
JOE DIARY ENTRY- Today I did cooking without grown-ups and with the sharpest knife. It was nice to be in the school kitchen and went strait into washing up and chopping with the sharpest knife.


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