Day 44 of 182 (day 7 of 14 Kusunoki WWOOF)

Bright and warmer. More experimenting new forms of Japanese crafts and materials. Heidi and Sam most in their element…Joe finding birds outside. Walk down THE HILL with Sonja (lovely relaxed WOOFER from Berlin). Building excitement in the school for tomorrow’s Komou Spring Fair. Heidi drove with さやかさn to Kagoshima and left the boys happily stranded at the Onsen for 3 hours. Heidi returned delighted with some leather for wee project this week.

Rising concern that 4 of 12 residents in dormitory down with stomach issues…Tomorrow day off!

SAM DIARY ENTRY-TODAY: Spent ages walking down hill to help with a job we never did. Mummy got to go to Kagoshima City to a craft shop in a car. Me, Joe, Daddy went to an Onsen for the 7th time in 7 days.

BRAD DIARY ENTRY-TODAY: Nice to walk for a change. Heidi returned from Kagoshima excited about a photo showing how it’s OK to have a television on the dashboard for driver to watch TV. Mobile phone use while driving illegal though.

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