Day 47 of 182 (10 of 14 Kusunoki WWOOF)

Heidi managed to bake rolls and Chelsea buns using strange ingredients in a strange kitchen with strange oven. Then DOWN THE HILL to help out (not always clear what this involves) at an organic restaurant in 蒲生町.  Still part of Spring Fair celebrations. Eat acorn cookies, traditional fire cooked boar, venison, sweet adzuki soup.

Knock off at 2pm, split forces (usual Brad hills, others town exploration) to meet at a frustratingly closed Onsen. Back UP THE HILL (Rain starts)…traditional food for supper, new challenging textures to sample. Later…in our wee room eating crisps, drinking tea, updating diaries and reading…

JOE DIARY ENTRY-TODAY I saw kestrels and a Steppe Buzzard. It was a huge Buzzard with white rings. Also a hawk eagle!!
BRAD DIARY ENTRY- Today I was officially homesick. So it takes 47 days. Today I think the tipping point was cooking around a fire. Probably a culmination of closely familiar, yet still out-of-reach situations. A Spring Fair, Freshly home baked roll and apple Chelsea bun, watching Totoro. The fire today at the organic restaurant. A familiar situation in an unfamiliar (and ambiguous) role as WWOOFER. Not quite foreign guest (my attempts at chit-chat shut-down). Not quite employee (not clear what job to be done). I took off in the afternoon on my bike looking for new roads and hills to discover. Realised I am sorely missing heading off into the unknown each day…what surprise waits around each corner.  Excitement over finding a street vendor selling Hot Sweet Potatoe. At night, once the boys were asleep plans for the next block of travel were whispered between the two top bunks.

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