Day 49…

Day 49 of 182 (12 of 14 Kusunoki WWOOF)Usual mixed feelings as WWOOF placement draws to an end…everyone finding their groove now and fitting in well. But, migratory birds that we are, now fattened up courtesy Kusonoki WWOOF (みのりさn and her amazing cooking) we are now making preparation for our next ‘flight jump’ to WWOOF 4 (still being arranged…first about 10 days of cycle touring planned…make it to Nagasaki…scenic, historic (WW2 and port first Europeans 16th century)). Wash and re-waterproof jackets. Send momento box ‘home’. Prepare maps and routes (especially ONSEN). Check bikes…Start contact with next WWOOF host.
Tomorrow a special day planned at school…we all going to the zoo…and its のぶ birthday… Heidi being brave and will try cook a chocolate cake for her…we all looking forward to seeing how the children enjoy sheer luxury of chocolate, butter and sugar 😊
and head further north towards Nagasaki…forecast OK

Day 50 of 182 (13 of 14 Kusunoki WWOOF)
Car journey to Kagoshima Zoo (we really had to INSIST on seatbelts…not commonly used in backseat…strange for us to see school children driven no seatbelt). Zoo…Beautifully packed bento box, then to great kids playpark (Japan REALLY does children play parks well) in warm spring sun overlooked by mighty impressive Sakurajima belching smoke. Back in car, drive back Kamo stop at post-office hoping bike parts and electronic reader arrived…not yet ☹️…amazing final meal (sushi and cake). Tomorrow we load the bikes and continue North.

BRAD DIARY ENTRY-TODAY…zoo mixed baboons and deer in same enclosure with awkward results (baboons found novel way of sourcing food…symbiotic relationship between the 2 species). Memorable is one word to describe. I couldn’t watch. Evening sushi meal loads fun to make, we all had to wait very patiently before trying Heidi’s chocolate cake…it was worth it though…A bit frustrating that bike parts and replacement electronic reader hasn’t arrived yet, despite efforts from Gabi, Alice (Gumtree!), Wiggle on UK end.

Day 51 of 182 (bikes day 1, 60km Kusonoki to Akune)
School workshop day today, as part of Spring Fair week, and as WWOOFERS given day off, we were Back On The Bikes a day earlier than planned…Thankfully bike fitness still there because daily visit up THE HILL…fresh wind on bikes but lovely blue skies (jumpers on all day)…great to be free again, choosing how to spend day…accumulated free food from various strangers along the way…one particularly friendly shop keeper, open spontaneous warmth… far less formality when encountering folk on the road…arrived in くそのき and found nice flat concrete along harbour pier for tent…but first, hide bags in bushes to lighten bikes for final 500m cycle up very steep hill to GRAND VIEW HOTEL with outstanding views west to see setting sun on clear sky…then into an outdoor Onsen to watch said view, only naked in steaming salty earth warmed water… night time hill descent & tent erect on concrete…walk into town to find cheap & cheerful hot meal…sooooo good to be back on the bikes…tomorrow look for some nesting cranes (we dare not promise Joe that we will actually SEE any! Cost of detour might be hillier route…no internet today so bit blind on weather forecast.


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