Day 55 of 182 (leaving Nagasaki 長崎, 4th bike day)

Leave hotel (after ONSEN, 8 cups coffee, photos uploaded i-cloud, essential emails, clothes clean and dry…and hi-tech loo tested)…visit Atomic Bomb Museum (utterly harrowing and uncomfortable)…usual frustrating stop start to get out of large city…FINALLY find open roads…aaah, ocean road again with few kind tunnels meaning HILL AVOIDANCE…arrive reasonable town size 3.30pm and have to make decision…do we stop now and find way to keep boys amused for many hours or push on? (some good free camp spot candidates)…bribe boys with food to carry on (adults drink coffee)…Sam NOT happy with arrangement!!! Carry on…usual mis-turns trying find route out large urban areas…photocopy Touring Mapple Map (our saviour) to Shut the ‘back seat’ driver (Brad) up…now both responsible for navigation…more up down tunnel etc…arrive good candidate town…now to find suitable camp spot…high on confidence previous towns which way more crowded than this one…
Find spot next to board walk over wetland marsh, with BIRD HIDE (Joe absolutely beside himself)…ask cleaning lady permission….NO…push on (a bit surprised, Joe annoyance)… Find small play park…NO…ask house large unused grass bit…NO…another house…NO…NO NO NO…sun beginning to set now, getting very very cold…only one thing for it…

CYCLE UPHILL…1.4km fully laden bikes STEEP UP UP UP later…huge open sports field…grounds man hanging around…this time we DON’T ask permission…park bikes and make dramatic show of excitement finding obscure SHRINE next to park (Groundman wanders about these foreigners cycling up steep hill heavy bikes as sun sets to visit obscure shrine)…public announcement system cheerful melody signalling for JAPANESE PEOPLE STOP WORK NOW…he leaves promptly…we make camp!!!

Again very cold (north wind straight from Siberia) so we all slept in full outdoor clothes (Brad in 13 items including thick Icelandic wool jumper…Heidi put Joe in her bag as hot water bottle) all in down sleeping drifting off woken by rather disconcerting screeching animal sound we not sure whether mammal or bird…huddle closer together in tent in unwelcoming town well off tourist trail and a long way away from Scotland…

SAM DIARY ENTRY-TODAY we came to the most unwelcoming place yet. 5 people said NO to our pleads to use a tiny bit of their disused land. We ended up peddling up enormous hill to camp spot. Then re-named the area to UNWELCOME. We shall hopefully never come here again.


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  1. snowing here, and your views look totally amazing – hope you wake to a warmer reception and warmer weather! Your life is definitely not dull…love to you both and boys and big HI from Duncan to Sam. World Book Day dressing up “science theme only” nonsense for us today…now that should make you feel better 😉 Kitxxx


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