Day 56 of 182 (bike day)

Despite cold and scary creature sounds all slept well (think bike exhaustion)…morning comes with usual relief of not having had someone ask us to move…quick coffee & condensed milk (a new pairing with nostalgia for South Africa from Brad)…load bikes, strap panniers, refill water bottles….and we’re OFF!!!…this morning past unusual sights of Catholic Churches with very Western Mary statues (this region high number of converts by 16th century Jesuits)…blue sky returned and first time in 3 days could feel warm and be outdoors at same time…follow undulating western coast line…look west and think about our home in Torphins on the other side of the Asian & European continent standing between us…mechanical issue bikes front pannier…Brad find garage and annoy busy Japanese mechanics with trying to find 2 small (but journey saving!) washers…SOLVED!!! Brunch on beach in sun lapping of water…get maps out negotiate routes…no more destination Hirado with its Historical significance…Hello Shimbarra Peninsular with its abundance of volcanic Onsens (it’s been a cold few days)…change of route means 16km inland cycle UP & OVER peninsular…boys champions taking this on…many hours later we stop at random SOUND SHOWER MUSEUM top of peninsular in forest…curator cool dude…we pay 200yen for coffee, say no to 2000yen (about £10) entry…curator comes outside to take photos of us and gives beautiful CHINA CUP as gift (difficult gift for a bike!)…11km downhill arrive urban area…Brad 2 hrs chilblains after descent…find calm spot concrete amidst busy peak hour traffic…tired day…quick gas meal…gasp at sight of night city lights over calm water…think…we are all in Japan…put beanies on, 2 pairs socks, leggings, gloves, woolen jumpers and climb into sleeping bags and fall asleep (praying for warm tomorrow)…

SAM DIARY ENTRY-TODAY we went up 16km and and down 10km, by the time we got to the bottom we were FROOOOOOOZEN! 1/2 way up there was a “Sound Shower Musim”? The man inside was very kind and as a present gave us a china cup, after we had carefully explained that we are cycling through Japan for 6 months.

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