Day 57 of 182 

SAM DIARY ENTRY-TODAY we gave the cup to a Buddah Shrine. We all agreed that it was a great off our minds. Our camp spot tonight has (cold) shower, toilet and views of where we are going

Phew, another successful night as homeless family outskirts of Nagasaki 長崎. Cold night, Heidi poor sleep, apparently because of cold (Brad suspects REAL REASON she was faking the hills yesterday – not sleeping because not exhausted….as act of kindness and love smuggles rocks into panniers for today’s hills 😍)…zip open tent and observe awesome rising sun over Omura Bay with Mountains and waking villages along shoreline…TODAYS PLAN: GET BACK ON TOURIST MAP (see Day 55 of 182 for reason)…first, break camp (Heidi calls Joe back from photographing birds, calls Sam back from devising coding system for bike straps, Brad from inside tent on that b…..y iPad)…load bikes, strap everything…LETS GO!…

photograph really cool Buddha watching sunrise…donate China cup to Buddha (see yesterday for more)…cycle 50m…STOP….

kind man conducts one-way chat in rapid Japanese completely unfazed by our smiling vacant looks. Eventually runs out of breathe, smiles, bows, “gambate” (equivelant is French “Allez” or support your team)…and we’re off, again….STOP….

(7/11 cafe stop; coffee, loo, food, wi-fi, photocopy map)…45min later, let’s go…no no no, wait,

…Daddy putting his gloves on…right, let’s get going…STOP!!!

No Joe, we are NOT stopping to photograph that incredibly rare Wandering Albatrosses, it’s probably an Osprey anyway….”STOP!!”…”

I think this is a free wi-fi hot spot, I forgot to check the blog stats” Answer a clear unified NOOOO….cycle a bit further….”Well why the hell didn’t you go when you had the chance at the 7-11?”…Parents tell child to find bush in urban environment…”hey guys, it’s nearly lunch time, let’s go back to that cool Buddha to eat it?….and so 4 intrepid world cyclists make their way around Japan, albeit it in fits and starts…
…Claw our way up up up (skipping expressway with its tunnels going THROUGH the hills we have to cycle OVER)…and then…we crest the hill and breathtaking view of 橘 Bay opens…snake down down down past rice paddies, wild cherry blossom, orange trees and road side honesty box bags of fruit…Brad regretting wearing vest, shorts, sandles because wind factor…worrying smell of burning brake pads…stop at cafe and go inside for warmth…eat noodles in boiling broth…seriously, boiling! SAM: don’t touch the bowl Dad, it’s probably very hot…Dad touches bowl, burns fingers, then tongue……and on we go…up down coastal road time to look for to its camp…follow signs to advertised Hot Spring hotel…arrive after much map reading to find…CLOSED!!!…low point of our lives…THEN…check around the corner and…

top 5 best camp spots we have EVER found! And so we sat in the evening warming our toes, stomachs and bottoms to a fire, fed on copious amounts of driftwood and bamboo…looking over 橘 bay and the famous (in Japan) Shimbarra Peninsular with its streets purported to be literally steaming with volcanic gases and abundance of Onsen (it has been a while)…wind is now coming from the south so hopefully warmer days to look forward to…tomorrow we are back on the Tourist Map…morale is good, legs are tired…we are nearly a third of the way through our wee adventure…
THE 7 11 SHOP: Our Oasis/ Classic Truck Stop (complete with dodgy Manga)…mmm, ground machine made HOT COFFEE (we are talking NEED not WANT here)…useful photo-copier (copy of map for Brad in case he gets lost (again!)…and familiar (in a relative sort of a way) foods to eat IMMEDIATELY and morale boosting stock up for hills to come…wi-fi (unsecured unfortunately, but useful weather update and download satellite views today’s cycling)



  1. Loving the adventure.. Which is much more comfy from my Scottish Fireside armchair than I suspect it is for you lot. Amazing precious family moments! Hope the next 2/3 are just as awesome.

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