Day 59 of 182 (still on amazing Shimabara 島原)

‘SAM DIARY ENTRY-TODAY we visited a town literally on top of a volcano. Here as well, people have learnt to live alongside MOTHER NATURE.
JOE DIARY ENTRY-TODAY we went to a village with the largest geysers I have ever seen. 20m long steam with H2S boiling hot and acid rain. It is a huge tourist attraction. We also went up the largest hill and the steepest hill ever.

 Another day spent in Japan’s oldest National Park. A 10km cycle upwards (mercifully on unladen bicycles) to Mountain Town of Unzen, with its bubbling ‘Hells’ (pits of steaming volcanic gases which were used to encourage early Christian converts to denounce their faith. Many refused and were subsequently boiled). Today, these same ‘Hells’ are used to boil eggs. For lunch, Heidi, Sam, Joe, and Brad enjoyed a picnic in the warm Spring sunshine, looking over Hell. Hell smells of eggy fart.
Later, (after daily Onsen, naturally), as the sun lowers and camp spot anxiety rises 4 heavily laden bicycles could be spotted weaving their way up a cobbled hill ; on the way to a (as yet undiscovered) secluded camp spot accessed by steep staircase descent through thick native forest. And so, as the sun set to their West on a clear sky, their thoughts and chat turned to family and friends waking to the same sun, rising a long, long way away.


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