Day 60 of 182


Easy day spent on the Southern tip of lovely Shimabara, making the most of some glorious Spring sunshine. With heavy legs panniers carried up the trail to well rested bicycles. A badly injured Heron roadside posed a problem. Ride on or end it’s suffering? Ride on (passing the buck to a nearby house). Later, dismount touring bicycles and join Japanese holiday makers on much advertised “Dolphin Cruise”. Brad sits it out. 5km later, find beachside camp spot near hotel with wi-fi and Onsen. Everyone happy with this arrangement. While erecting tent, a visit by friendly policeman (making a show of officialdom by jotting down Name & Country ONLY from Brad’s passport) provides reassurance that wild camping in sensible spots is OK. Tomorrow last day on 島原, making way to it’s main city and ferry port…

JOE DIARY ENTRY-TODAY we found a heron almost smashed to death on on the side of the road.Then we went to a port with a dolphin boat…we went on it and expected just a small pod. The first thing we saw was semi-circle like shapes rolling across the water. The boat sped towards them and soon hundreds of dolphins were rolling around us! There was once a calf that went close enough to see scars! This routine went on for ages, losing them, finding the shapes (ed. draws Dolphins) and sometimes see them jump!

SAM DIARY ENTRY-TODAY was an easy day on the bikes, but we went dolphin watching from a boat. We were expecting only a few, but what we actually saw was a pod of 30-40 dolphins, all rolling and jumping beside us. When we had to go we all wished that we could do it again and again. Then, at our campsite, by a hotel Joe made beautiful sand Dolphins. We hope they last the night, even with the tides.


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  1. How fantastic to see all those dolphins. Last night we were with Ed and Linda and I read your nature book Jo. I enjoyed it and I was really impressed by what you had achieved. I look forward to reading your next book when you return as you will have lots of interesting photographs.


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