Day 61 of 182

Perfect touring today. Warm and dry, gentle tailwind; riding on quiet, wide, smooth surfaced roads. Long, flowing descents past busy farmers harvesting potatoes on their 600 year old terraced fields. Carefree navigation guided us to a Nepalese Restaurant! On-the-house Lassis & ice-cream followed. What an amazing Nepalese couple, with toddler. Chance then guided towards a street Fayre. Fascinating to observe similarities & differences from UK equivalent. Knife stall terrifying and impressive. Finished the night with parents drinking beer on public park bench while children played on jungle gym & slides. In the dark.

SAM DIARY ENTRY-TODAY 1sand-dolphin survived! We built a sand wall to protect it from the incoming tide. We also found a Nepalese restaurant!!!!!!

JOE DIARY ENTRY-TODAY 8 o’clock set off. 11: find Indian restaurant

BRAD DIARY ENTRY-TODAY this gift of free things getting out of hand now. Kind wee mannie who cleans the loos donated us 3 sweet potatoes and apples (when the dude who cleans the dunnies starts offering you food, then you know how pitiful you must look!)…end of the day, walking around town met an impossibly perfect caricature of kind-looking ‘favourite grannie’ who owns a tatami mat shop…she gifted us some mini-tatami mats and origami. Very special.


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