Day 64 of 182

Heidi, Brad, Sam, and Joe Carroll emerged from their tent well rested. Today they were to meet their next WWOOF HOST. The feedback from previous WWOOFERS was that the work would be hard. The Carroll’s felt that to balance the weeding and ‘self-selected WWOOF work’ experiences of previous WWOOF#2 & #3 respectively, they were up for some hard work. The host page states that the farm welcomes use of initiative (a very unusual thing within Japanese hierarchal working system), and provided a work timetable. They have a young family, and are committed to Transition Town principles…in particular use of wood over Japanese Nuclear Plant generated electricity where possible. So ‘on paper’ this WWOOF would hopefully prove a more satisfying experience than #2 & #3.

But first Brad needed to work out how to buy a new 26 X 1.50 wheel and a pair of Hays MX-2 (or equivalent Disk Brake Pad replacements). Brad complained to Heidi that he found that in Japan this is NOT AN EASY THING TO DO!!! Apparently his guardian angel arrived while Brad, without a Japanese credit card and in a world of 感じonline shops was punching the ‘keys’ of iPad furiously, standing inside 7/11. In tears. SHUICHI (the guardian angel) approached cautiously and asked Brad in immaculate English whether it was his bike outside?…a moments silence… Brad dropped to his knees and hugged SHUICHIS shins…pathetic sobbing…and now a new wheel and disk brakes are being delivered via a complex relationship between and SHUICHI and WWOOF FARM.

Feeling better, Clan Carroll continued towards new WWOOF taking in the newly built, superb Aso-San 阿蘇山 NATIONAL PARK CENTRE (hi-tech toilet has blow dry feature 😍)…and, finally, at the foot of some impressive 1500m knife-edged volcanic mountains, they got to meet their new WWOOF HOST family and sleeping quarters…

JOE DIARY ENTRY-TODAY this is looking like our kind of WWOOF! Here has the funniest children ever! Good players and easily catching jokes, nature lovers (the best).

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