Day 65 of 182 (day 1 of 7 阿蘇山 WWOOF)

SAM DIARY ENTRY-TODAY 一1番 温泉 (ed.number 1 ONSEN) It is enormous and has a 25m-around (walk) outdoor pool. We met a boy and instantly became friends with him.

Clan Carroll seemed to thoroughly enjoy their first day WWOOFING alongside じろさn, まさみ and their children. Although the work today was tedious (rubbing hairs off TARO (ancient source of starch…used widely before rice). This was done inside a dry poly-tunnel alongside Jirosan じろさん who has excellent elementary English. Jirosan spoke English for 6 hours straight. Jirosan will sleep well tonight.
After work, on the bikes and 6 minute downhill free wheel later to the new local ONSEN. After a good scrubbing and naked relaxation in earth warmed water looking up to towering peaks and deep valleys of volcanic mountains (this ONSEN unanimously voted TOP TRUMP ONSEN), the 4 from Torphins, Aberdeenshire, were Treated to a glorious sunset as they cycled back up to farm.


Dress warm (living at 700m conditions bitterly cold), cross yard to main house (so far, 3 identified wood burning stoves…one cooking…one heating kitchen (some cooking too)…one heating outside bath). When Jiro & Misami claimed commitment to Transition Town principles (roughly increasing resilience in an oil & nuclear free world), they MEANT it…enjoy 80% homegrown meals INCLUDING own wheat, rye, buckwheat, soy beans, honey, veg, eggs, and TARO. No TV. Children get on like a House On Fire.

Head back to WWOOF quarters with kerosene heater, and pretty much all our clothing in down sleeping bags and Old Skool metal hot water bottles. But first, a visit to the low-tech loo…

We are speaking SMALL A-FRAME here…not really designed with westerners in mind. 2 basic strategies. Strategy 1: FIRST ‘dropping yer breeches’ and then reverse shuffle into A-frame loo. Dock. Strategy 2: enter forwards, almost shove head DOWN compost loo so can bend for breeches drop. THEN, make180degree turn (with breeches around legs) before docking…

Return to room, snuggle into sleeping bags, put beanie and socks on…sleep


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