Day 68 of 182 (day 4 of 7 阿蘇山 WWOOF)

Taro Taro Taro…but we are happy Taro Slaves.

Boys hardly seen today as they off playing goodness knows where. Joe brings back photos and videos of skateboarding, football, and other things get up to during the day while parents TARO TARO TARO…

Huge relief on Brad’s side with long awaited bike parts arriving (thank you so much Suichi)…Heidi giving Masamisan a break from the kitchen and preparing lunch and supper today. Cunning plan to escape Taro for a few hours. But still, she did well since not easy cooking bread, Spanish omelette, cinnamon rolls, cardamom rolls, Adkins bean curry, and carrot soup in a foreign kitchen mainly using Woodstove.

Day off tomorrow with a forecast of Sun!!! Plan is to cycle the 60km perimeter of 阿蘇山 caldera…

JOE DIARY ENTRY-TODAY I got most scratches on my bum than ever from skate boarding!

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