Day 69 of 182 (day 5 of 7 阿蘇山 WWOOF)

JOE DIARY ENTRY-TODAY we saw Mount Aso erupt! What had happened was lava was keeping the ground up in Aso millions of years ago. Then lava had been taken away causing the ground to sink. Now the ground is a 100k crater. The lava flow has also been stopped sow people live here in Aso. But Mount Aso is still erupting so we saw an erupting volcano. 

Today we were 4 marbles swishing around the perimeter of a giant hole in the earth. Rising up middle (always our left) 阿蘇山 belching clouds of Earth gases. On right, always the outer rim. We were Terry Pratchett’s Bromeliad gnomes living in the department store (highly recommended TRUCKERS, DIGGERS, WINGS)…No getting lost because always ERUPTION TO THE LEFT, RIM TO THE RIGHT.
Finishing our day off with a leisurely paced ONSEN under a clear sky setting sun. The ONSEN has a 25m oval shaped ‘pool’, with idea of creating a walking whirlpool. Sam & Joe had an absolute blast playing in it, with a wee friend they made, who is there every time. Heidi could hear screams & shrieks from the female section.

This WWOOF is ticking so many boxes, we could easily stay much longer. But, there is much to do in the remaining 112 days. Jirosan has fired out a Facebook message to Japanese Transition Towns group about us. Hopefully this could link us with other good WWOOF hosts.

Jirosan & Masamisan got another order for Taro, so, for next few days looks like more Taro Taro Taro…

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