Day 71 of 182 (day 7 of 7 阿蘇山 WWOOF)

JOE DIARY ENTRY-TODAY there are bantams in this WWOOF. So what we did is take them into the house and set them free. Played card games with them as well. If you have ever met a rude lady this is one. Sam went in to get coins (ed. Into ONSEN) and in return and DAME!! Many DOZO.

Taro Taro Taro…Heidi took the brunt of Taro Scrub today and it very nearly defeated her. For encouragement, Brad fed her new and old Contemporary Scottish music favourites; Inge & Martin, Tom & Ross, Shooglenifty…we listened to you from the back garden of a Farm in 阿蘇山 while Taro, Taro, Taro…Joe, by way of appreciation for his Mum’s hard work today, and with characteristic intensity & concentration worked hard on his next book: Japan Wildlife (and a tiny bit of Korean). Sam, solid, silent, packed & labelled Taro for hours beside his Mum.
As the sun began its descent towards the Western Rim of our Bromeliad Flower, we put our jumpers back on. It gets chilly quickly at 700m in the mountains. Racing the fast descending sun, today, only three of us rolled downhill towards our local ONSEN. Joe chose instead to stay and play with Saku & Nazuna (who turns 6 next week). Later, the three will share an outdoor, wood heated bath.

At the ONSEN, a boy who is there everyday asks Sam something in Japanese. Sam says he wants to know where Joe is? Clean & Refreshed, we switch our rear red lights on and begin the short pedal back to the farm. Somebody waves at us from a car. A friendly wave. Perhaps, this week, we met them in ONSEN? Or when the men set fire to fields? Somewhere. It’s too dark to see.

Back at the farm, after a meal of Miso, Rice, Pork, Spaghetti, and Side Pickles, we watch each other’s home-made videos on a laptop. The beer tastes good. All the internet weather forecasters predict precipitation at 100% certainty. We will stay and Taro Taro Taro for another day…

With Sam & Joe asleep, while Heidi emails and Internets routes & accommodation for next stages of our journey Brad crosses the yard to the farmhouse kitchen to brush his teeth. With Jin, Saku, and Nazuna asleep, Jirosan & Masamisan sit around the kitchen table packing bags of Taro…they hope to finish by midnight.


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