Day 72 of 182 (day 8 of 7 阿蘇山 WWOOF)

Bonus day on account rain…last Taro 16.32 (music played from heavens)…East meets West lunch – in right hand BREAD (ahem, using grains grown ON the farm)….in left hand RICE…it’s all really very deep.
Making plans for next stages of journey…will ultimately head for South Korea because pesky Visa conditions…but first cycle tour to a town which Lonely Planet says pumps 100 million liters of boiling water into the sea and earth EVERY DAY!!!…

We will also be trialling ‘WarmShowers‘ (a free hospitality exchange for touring cyclists…a wonderful idea). In Scotland we have already hosted cyclists, and thoroughly enjoyed.

On farm today were many more squeals of laughter as a muddy football kicked about…and because the bantams were in the kitchen…and because 4 little naked bodies shared the outside wood fired bath…and because…because…because…
Jirosan and Masamisan…

thank you.

Rice and bread…the world on a table

Next few days

2 week goal…Je Ju island of South Korea


  1. Awesome stuff. We’re hunkering down in a spanish forest due to rain too!
    Enjoy your warm shower, we’ve got one on Monday which will be our first shower in 2 weeks – smelling bad!

    Enjoy team.
    Monks out

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