Day 74 of 182

Official start of Spring! Blue skies, crisp morning, cool wind…Goodbye mountains hello shopping malls! CITY!!! Oita City (pop. 450 thousand)…scenes of people enjoying their long weekend…motor bikers, tennis players, baseballers, drivers, cyclists, joggers & shoppers…Japan likes their time off.
Glossy Magazine art exhibition a good one (even found it easily!)…real buzz to the paintings floor (not so much on second floor – calligraphy)…in moat of nearby castles Koi Carp eating off turtle backs to keep Joe happy…THEN to meet our next brave WARMSHOWERS host…Brad reassure Heidi that 4 western 外人 standing in fluoro outside shopping mall entrance would identify us…and so it was! Our host, Ran, found us easily…Mid twenties & one very feisty gal…Heidi scored again (yesterday it was shared love of wool, today it was Ran is medical student)…Ran is one of ten people offering WARMSHOWERS from entire KYUSHU (that’s ten brave souls from population of 13 million)..her own touring credentials include Brisbane – Sydney in 7 days including a few 200km days…at 8pm five of us hit the town for very LOCAL ONSEN…nothing pretty, very local bathing place with history of about a billion bare bottoms (very clean in Japan…see hi-tech loo post)… a lot of chatter was heard from the girls side…
tomorrow we stay with Ran again…use good weather forecast to cycle light see ‘wild’ Japanese Macaques (Joe will be beside himself when news is broken)…we plan on cooking homemade Pizza for Ran as thank you for second night sleeping…Heidi spotted thumbing the Glossy Magazine…zzz

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