Day 75 of 182

Today Joe finally got his Japanese Macaques. No problem getting organized THIS morning. But first — PANCAKE breakfast!!! Then take two very excited & impatient boys on Easygoing cycle path along pancake flat wide pavement skirting Pacific Ocean under blue skies headed for ‘wild’ Japanese Macaques park…on Today, National Holiday celebrating Northern Hemisphere Spring… expect hordes…get hordes…”now Joe, we have one hour so please please please promise us to be sensible”….three minutes later…”Mum, Joe’s climbing a wall with a camera in his hand”…”JOE…REMEMBER – ONE hour”…it took us two hours…
later GLOSSY MAGAZINE MAP strikes again…eventually find Master Craftsman Bamboo Museum…Brad takes photo of Master Craftsman Bamboo display…gets told off (no photographs allowed)…leave building sheepishly…and feeling oddly dejected in face of such precise brilliance…head back to Oita but first stop lunch of Rice Balls at seaside playpark ( Japan REally does play parks well) stop…Shopping Mall…split forces and embrace Japanese Shopping Mall experience…arrive back at Ran’s place and begin preparing for Homemade Pizza (challenging in traditional Japanese kitchen)…flatten bottle red wine & beer…Ran provides really useful interpretation of Japanese Culture we’ve been observing…also practical route advice for next few days cycling…introduce Ran & boys to Monty Python
on YouTube…later, Heidi & Ran hit town 4 late night girls ONSEN…boys finally @ home alone!!! They sleep…

Tomorrow tent again…starting at sea level plan to cycle… up…up…up to Mountain Town of Yufuin 湯布院 (anticipating hordes at this well known Tourist Town…remember National Public Holiday)….Overall plan for next few days keep heading West over mountains towards Fukuoka 福岡 and eventually ferry to South Korea… weather forecast good…one big climb.

JOE DIARY ENTRY: Today we saw monkeys! At first it was just a troop. Then at the Shrine gates (this was a tourist attraction) there was hundreds of monkeys walking alongside us picking up nuts. Also there was loads of babies climbing sliding playing. There was a domenent who attack a man &WA baby!

SAM DIARY ENTRY: Today we saw Japanese Macaques! They were wild and had been causing trouble, so people started feeding them, there were 100s that we saw, but 1 1/2 thousand across the hill.

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