Day 77 of 182

Leave last Lonely Planet described town until Fukuoka on West Coast (3 days away)…three main sources information to rely on…1: RAN’s route advice (local knowledge good!) 2: Japanese Touring まっpぇ(感じ script) 3: Good ole Google Maps…
So break camp and head West deeper into mountains…blind…very slow riding narrow roads big trucks impatient drivers…forced onto narrow pavements made narrower by railings either side (and, thankfully, safer…drop-offs LEFT traffic RIGHT)…as a word, ‘difficult’ doesn’t quite capture what it is to control bicycle with HANDLEBAR bag, TWO FRONT PANNIERS, TWO REAR PANNIERS, TUNGSTEN STEEL ANVIL & (worst of all – GLOSSY MAGAZINE (see Day 74))…SO take this weight, narrow railing lined pavement, a liberal sprinkling of loose rocks & holes….and you have…4 PINBALLS (kerching ping ping boing ping)…oh, the fun.
Eventually route decision time…straight – PINBALL…right – UP UP UP…turn right.
UP UP UP…the thing about UP UP UP on bicycles laden with a Glossy Magazine, tent etc…etc…is slowness…and, because no cars (silver lining) plenty opportunity for chat…and, conscious that boys not being formally educated, these quiet uphill moments great for parents passing on their knowledge of the world to the boys…Brad uses this particular family moment, on unknown road in mountainous Northern キュ種 to recount ‘The Witch Scene’ and ‘Black Night’ from Monty Python Holy Grail…(Heidi unable to object on account of oxygen intake)…however, as the hill was finally crested…Monty Python had been seamlessly linked to chat about Naom Chomsky & CERN (so there!!!)
UP UP UP becomes DOWN DOWN DOWN…another wee town, and another look at that b…..y Glossy Magazine…leave town follow road through increasingly dark & narrow gorge with fewer & fewer flat camp spots available…since going blind and no high resolution satellite view on I-pad really no idea what or where we headed…2 hours daylight so no immediate panic, but rising quickly…
…Amagese Spa Town…you may be a bit past your use-by-date…you may be shabby WITHOUT the Sheik…you may have algae bloom riverside ♨️…but we shall forever remember and love you❤️…

Tomorrow, the journey West over the mountains continue. Plan overnight stop with a WWOOF host who might’ve been…it will also mark end of the mountains 🙁

JOE DIARY ENTRY: Today I learnt to Weelie! (ed. Draws self doing wheelie, based on photo Sam took while parents erecting tent)

SAM DIARY ENTRY: Today, we camped by a beautiful waterfall and went to a riverside 100yen ONSEN which was beautiful. 


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