Day 78 of 182

Pinball cycling over (for now)…arrive edge of wide river valley 60km from 福岡 city…cold in bitter North East wind (but dry)…find YOSHIOSAN house…no-one home, dump bikes, walk up hill to massive Buddhist Temple…admire sheer volume of SAKE gifted to Monks…enough to keep one large group monks unconscious for one year…admire bottles of Sake adorning inside of main temple…Sam stops Joe jumping into Koi pond for better photo…Sam gets ridiculously excited at size of temple…
Amble back to WWOOF Koi & blossoming Cherry Trees…nice-and-easy, relaxed because crossed mountains, have somewhere to stay, one days flat riding to go…aaaahhh….time to slow things right down…5pm…
…Oh, look, that’s YOSHIOSAN and his mother arrived now…TAKE A DEEP BREATH things are about to speed up…introductions…unload bikes…fire up pizza oven…drive shops buy beer…shower…read mail that arrived from LONDON cousins…drink beer…eat pizza (soooo good in wood fired oven)…more people arrive…more beer…Joe LOVES playing darts…Sam worried over how much Joe LOVES playing darts…Brad pished after two beers & glass of sake…Heidi chatting happily in Japanese to Buddhist Monk enjoying a few beers and a few beers…boys watch Return Of The Jedi on laser disk projector upstairs…midnight stagger room sleep warm electric blankets…
…anticipate tomorrow tricky cycling into 福岡 city, population 1.5 million. City’s always slow navigation with added challenge of finding wild camp spot (Heidi already done Google streetview recce some viable options)…then ferry South Korea…then ferry to Je Ju ‘honeymoon island’ and 2 weeks of sunny island cycling…woo hoo…almost there…

JOE DIARY ENTRY: if you have ever arrived at a house with darts hit the jackpot two times, Japanese style of tag going a bit crazy because hide in cars and lock the doors, pizza oven, and Return Of The Jedi on a 6 foot DVD, you would find it fun.

SAM DIARY ENTRY: Today, we went to what could have been a WWOOF host, but turned out not to be because of timings with cycling. He was incredibly kind, and we had a pizza night with wood fired pizza oven and his friends. Me and Joe also watched Star Wars. 

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