Day 80 of 182

Transition Day…3am someone takes flash photo our tent…lots of people about…7am strike camp sharp…full-house drop-squat loo visit and we GOOD-TO-GO…but first quick browse of second hand market…console Heidi that cannot buy any beautiful old items from second hand market (purchases must be carried UP UP UP…last package home just shipped)…places-to-buy things should be avoided like the plague when cycle touring…remember UP UP UP…
Find Ferry port, join queue of ferry passengers sporting bright clothes & permed hair. Go through whole immigration & customs rigmarole…with four fully laden bicycles…unload for security…onto ferry…fighting hard to keep together amidst all the physicality and jostling…clearly respect for personal space lower on Korean Priority list than Japan…find shared dorm on ferry…challenge lady for taking photo of us by stealth (Brads South Africanism coming right out now)…6 hours later wander onto deck and breath taken away at sheer size & skyscrapers of Busan (6th busiest ferry port in the World, S. Korea’s second largest city close to four million people)…never mind…2 days and then JE JU honeymoon island (woo hoo).
Clear Immigration…stop at Information collect maps, route to hotel (learnt from bitter experience to be absolutely certain about such things BEFOREHAND hitting peak-hour traffic…in dark…with four heavy bicycles…and 7 & 9 yr old…about to leave, know that Internet available in hotel room but quickly ask…”excuse me, where can we buy tickets for the ferry to JE JU honeymoon island? (woo hoo)”…”no, the ferry to JE JU no longer runs”…a moments silence…”are you sure?”…”yes, it stopped a year ago”…
KEEP CALM AND CARRY ON…priority hotel…walk/cycle to hotel taking in sights openly drunk teenagers, homeless people (a shared affinity to extent of our credit card), lively noisy people…closer to Terry Pratchett ‘Ankh Morpork’ than anything encountered so far…
Find room…take 32 items luggage to 5th floor…marvel at room with electricity, beds, fridge…our own space (indoors) for TWO WHOLE NIGHTS…hit Busan streets quick meal and wander…find red light district holding hands Sam & Joe…man winks and gestures to boys…find a different street for food…
Eat…boys to sleep…Heidi hits rooms computer HARD finding out via incredibly active SEOUL to BUSAN (a cycle tour route) Facebook Group (thanks soooooo much to all those folk for their quick & detailed replies) about our options are…tomorrow city day to do washing, catch our breath…
Meanwhile Brad cries himself to sleep…Heidi reminds of his oft cited quote..”imperfection is the keystone of every great adventure”…

JOE DIARY ENTRY: if you are wanting a detail on what Korean people are like, friendly, rousy, and tend to be quite demonstrative (ed. go Joe!) of how to be rushing and not take too much notice of other people when hustled in a large group. We found this out on the ferry they pushing our bikes a bit too “encourages”.

SAM DIARY ENTRY: Today we arrived inBusan, Korea. It’s population is almost 4, 000, 000 and is the second biggest city in Korea.

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