Day 81 of 182 (1 of 14 in Korea)

Heidi & boys morning hit streets of bustling Busan – A NEW COUNTRY…A NEW CITY…exciting! Brad mentions it’s crazy high suicide rate…he still mourns NO JE JU Honeymoon island…so sulks in hotel..hangs up washing, updates blog. Midday light breaks room as two very excited boys burst through door…”dad dad dad, they got….and….and….”…Heidi smiles, “come on love”…and over the next 7 hours Clan Carroll of Beltie Rd, Torphins wander wide eyed the streets of one of the worlds busiest ferry ports.
A homeless man drums alongside a young street band…a middle aged couple dance on the pavement beside the harbour…the worlds ocean sold by little ladies in narrow street stalls…the street art…the street food…the shopping malls…the bling bling bling…the buy buy buy…you certainly don’t want to be a HAVE-NOT in this city of apparent HAVE’s…
Joe & Sam watch man hack fish head off.

Return hotel room Heidi & Sam begin learning read Korean script (HISTORY NOTE: a king back-in-the-day jettisoned the difficult to learn Chinese script (illiteracy served to reinforce class inequality) in favour of a made up simple script of 26 letters SO EVERYONE can be literate and access learning & knowledge)…education in Korea highly valued…
Education of Sam & Joe also highly valued…Sam & Joe watch full length Monty Python Holy Grail…tomorrow Back On The Bikes plan to head out of Busan population 4 million on established Cycle Trail north west towards Seoul…should be a piece of cake 😀

JOE DIARY ENTRY: in Busan the drains are not quite regularly cleaned. If you are wanting to know what fish shops in Korea are like go to the largest fish market in the world in Busan. Inside there are hundreds of tanks filled with flatfish, flounders, dog fish, Ray’s and hundreds of other fish that I do not know…ALIVE. In some of the tanks there is not enough space for your hand to go in!

SAM DIARY ENTRY: today me and mummy learnt to read Korean in one hour. I cannot go into details for I have not much space. We also went to the largest fish market in the world. There were 7 floors of people selling live fish.


One comment

  1. Hi Heidi brad Sam & joe
    Really enjoying reading your blog! It all sounds amazing what a brilliant adventure you are all having (don’t like the sound of big black cars tho) iv been reading the blog most nights when I go 2 bed & love looking at all the pic,s love Carolyn xxx


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